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Bayelsa State Niger Delta University Monthly Rapid Chess Tournament

Bayelsa State Niger Delta University monthly rapid chess tournament
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Date: 18th May 2024
Venue: Chess Hall, Sports Complex Ovom-Yenagoa
Time: 10 AM
Number of Rounds: 7
Number of Participants: 43


The sixth installment of the Bayelsa State Niger Delta University Monthly Rapid Chess Tournament was held on May 18th, 2024. This month’s event was a standout, with a vibrant mix of participants from Delta State, Rivers State, and Edo State. Adding to the excitement was the special guest appearance by Dr. Apollos Akomaka, Chairman of the Rivers State Chess Association.

The tournament featured seven intense rounds of rapid chess, where players competed with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The familiar and well-maintained playing conditions of the Chess Hall in the Sports Complex at Ovom-Yenagoa provided a perfect setting for the event. The tournament atmosphere was lively, filled with the quiet intensity of focused players and the occasional murmur of strategic discussion.

Tournament Results


Felix Igolukumo emerged as the champion for the second consecutive month with an impressive score of 6/7. His performance was notable as he edged out National Master Kigigha Inimo through a superior tiebreaker.


  1. Felix Igolukumo – 6/7
  2. National Master Kigigha Inimo – 6/7
  3. Koko Obele – 5.5/7

Best Female Players

  1. Ebiakpo Treasure – 3.5/7
  2. Ebiakpo Sunshine – 3/7
  3. Bayefa Miebi – 3/7

Best NDU Students

  1. Alagoa Kere – 5/7
  2. Lelegi Ibinabo Peter – 4/7
  3. Ataria Daniel – 3/7

Best Seniors (45 and Over)

  1. Benjamin Omorere – 5/7
  2. Sunny Okpakpo – 5/7
  3. Yakie Donald – 4.5/7

Best Under 10

  1. Bayefa Oyeinkeperemo – 3/7
  2. Poyomami Isukul – 2/7
  3. Onota Lemuel – 1/7

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony was a highlight, with Dr. Apollos Akomaka delivering a heartfelt speech. He praised the Bayelsa State Chess Association for their dedication and success, urging other state associations to emulate their model.

Mr. Donald Yakie, known as the “King of Chess,” expressed his gratitude towards the technical team and committed to providing financial support for the next month’s tournament. This pledge of support signifies a growing community spirit and dedication to the development of chess in the region.

Star Prize and Future Prospects

The star prize for the May edition was N60,000, which was awarded to Felix Igolukumo. The Chairman of the Bayelsa State Chess Association, Mr. Solomon Agraka, announced an exciting development: the star prize for the June edition will be increased to N70,000. This increase is expected to attract even more participants and elevate the competition further.

The tournament concluded at around 4 PM, with winners receiving their prizes through instant bank transfers and cash payments, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing process.

Technical Report Compilation

This report has been compiled by FM Kigigha Bomo, the Technical Director for the Bayelsa State Chess Association (BYSCA). The consistent efforts of the organizers and the enthusiasm of the participants continue to make these monthly tournaments a success, fostering a robust chess culture in the Niger Delta region.

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