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The 56th Boro Annual Festival: A Celebration of Canoeing and Community Spirit

56th Boro Annual Festiva
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The 56th Boro Annual Festival, held on the 16th of May, 2024, at the picturesque Kaiama waterfront, was a vibrant celebration of athleticism, community, and tradition. This year’s canoeing competition, powered by the Gloria Diri Foundation, showcased the best of Bayelsa’s rowing talent and community spirit.

A Grand Event Powered by Gloria Diri Foundation

The event was anchored by Hon. Ebiki Timitimi, the Chairman of the Gloria Diri Foundation and the Chairman of Bayelsa United Football Club. His dual roles emphasize his commitment to promoting sports and youth development in Bayelsa State. The Bayelsa State Canoe, Rowing, and Kayak Association played a crucial role in officiating the event, ensuring fair play and smooth execution. The association’s officials included:

  • Gagbe Inifa: Head Coach
  • Oyee Profit: Assistant Coach
  • Erekposeigha Timitimi-Funwei: Head Secretary
  • Peter Wodi: Assistant Secretary

Fierce Competition Among 14 Compounds

Fourteen compounds participated in the canoe race, representing both male and female categories. The participating compounds were:

  1. Wankawari
  2. Talawari
  3. Ikatibiri
  4. Amaranbiri
  5. Kilegbeghawari
  6. Olobiri
  7. Oweifaghawari
  8. Isokiwari
  9. Ereweri
  10. Okorotumu
  11. Foruwari
  12. Odowari
  13. Wotiteyo
  14. Ekpeingbene

The competition was intense, with each compound vying for the top spot. Despite the rain, a large and enthusiastic crowd gathered at the waterfront to cheer on the competitors, adding to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

Results and New Talents

In the male category, the final results were as follows:

  1. Ekpeingbene – 1st Place
  2. Ikatibiri – 2nd Place
  3. Isokiwari – 3rd Place

For the female category, the results were:

  1. Ekpeingbene – 1st Place
  2. Talawari – 2nd Place
  3. Wankawari – 3rd Place

Ekpeingbene compound emerged as the standout performer, securing first place in both the male and female categories. This victory highlighted the compound’s dedication and prowess in canoeing.

The event also served as a platform for discovering new budding talents, showcasing the potential future stars of Bayelsa’s canoeing scene.

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

The success of the 56th Boro Annual Festival would not have been possible without the generous support of Dr. Mrs. Gloria Diri. Her commitment to the festival and the promotion of sports in Bayelsa State is commendable. The Bayelsa State Canoe, Rowing, and Kayak Association, under the guidance of Secretary Erekposeigha Timitimi-Funwei, ensured the event was well-organized and memorable.

In conclusion, the 56th Boro Annual Festival was a remarkable event that celebrated not only the athletic talents of the participants, but also the strong sense of community and tradition in Bayelsa State. The Gloria Diri Foundation’s support and the dedicated efforts of all involved made this year’s festival a resounding success.

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