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A Brief History Of Darts Association

It was birthed in England and it stayed there for quite a while, more precisely, until the Victorian Era. By then, it started to spread throughout the world. Around 1900, Darts started to resemble the game we played nowadays as more rules were put in place. This is the period when the Dartboard started to have a numbering system and the rules for scoring began to be implemented.

It all started when bored solders would sit in the trenches and compile by throwing spearheads and other sharp objects at the bottoms of upturned wine casks. As a matter of fact, officials encouraged solders to partake since it was an effective way to practice their aim and throwing skills.

Throughout the 20th century, Darts continued to be played mainly in pubs, as a friendly game. However, things changed after World War 1 when the first brewery leagues started to appear.

In 1923, Ted Leggett started developing the Dartboard by creating one from Nodor Modeling Clay. A year later, he started producing Elm Dartboards that had additional brass elements in their structure.

In 1923, Ted Leggett started developing the Dartboard by creating one from Lancashire came up the system that up to the present date, divides the scoreboard in multiple sections in order to test players accuracy.

By 1927, the first Darts Association was founded and it organized the first official Dart competition. In 1935, the first Nodor Bristle Dartboard was built, a material that remains today the predilection choice for the traditional Darts game. This was also the time when the clock format became a standard in designing Dartboards.

In 1954, the National Dart Association of Great Britain (NDAGB) was founded. In 1960, the first Darts competitions stated to be broadcasted on television.

In 1986, Brain Gamlin a carpenter from Lancaster came up with the system that up to the present date, divides the score board in multiple sections in order to test players’ accuracy.

A Brief History Of Darts Association

In 2011 Dart game was brought to Bayelsa State Sports Council led by Coach Tekena Stephen Eretingha who was the Head Coach and was a player in the Port Harcourt Dart Club of Rivers State under the administration of Mr. Jackson Bidei, the then Director of Sports and Miss Rachael Dappa, the former Secretary of Bayelsa State Sports Council. In that the same year, Team Bayelsa Dart was participating in the National Sports Festival 2011 Tagged “Garden City Games” at Rivers State led by David Gbassa who was the Secretary and they won a Bronze medal by Pere Abuluku Johnson.

It was later said that the game “Dart” in Bayelsa State was not functioning for some years because there was no good management of the sports not until the year 2020 when Werilaghabofa O. Luke became the Secretary of Darts Association by late Hans Ebigberi Egbe of blessed memory who was the HOD organizing by then. In 2021 Team Bayelsa Darts accompanying with other Associations went for the National Sports Festival Tagged “Edo 2020” led by Coach Tekena who was the Head Coach, Werilaghabofa O. Luke the Secretary and Assist. Coach Uyabater Torubele, held on the 2nd – 15th April, 2021 where the team won their first silver medal and bronze medal. This victory made the sports bounce back once again.


  • In 2021 the Team Bayelsa Darts Association participated in the 1st Global Harmony Envoy International Dart Open Championship held on the 16th – 22nd August 2021 and emerge second position a silver medal was won by Deinyefa Amadon led by Ujabaratei Torubeli.
  • In September, 2021 the Bayelsa State Sports Council went for the National Youth Games at Ilorin, Kwara State where the Darts Sport was participated and won a Gold medal in mix double Game by Deinyefa Amadon and Emmanuella Emmanuel won silver and bronze medal.
  • In 2022, another competition was conducted led by Secretary Werilaghabofa O. Luke & Coach Uyabaratei Torubeli again by 2nd Global Harmony Envoy International Darts Open Championship from 20th – 27th March, 2022 in Asaba, Delta State were team Bayelsa Dart took six position out of 8 in female category.
  • Team Bayelsa Dart was invited to participate on South-South U-15 Male/Female Darts Championship 14th – 15th October, 2022 and they won the Overall Gold.
  • Team: Bayelsa State Darts participated in the last National Sports Festival Tagged “Delta 2022” led by the Secretary Werilaghabofa .O. Luke and the Head Coach Uyabaratei Torubeli and to the glory of God, the team won two Gold medal one silver and one bronze medal.

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