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The history of this sports dates back to the twelfth century when the France youths first played the game in their village streets to the end of the fifteenth century when racket was discovered in Dutch. During the 16th century game of rackets was also played in England which involved players hitting a hollow softball against wall.

The popularity of the game continued to increase through the 19th century to 1984 in Hoopskirts and other counties like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the game then became a National Sport knows as tennis. It was later invented in Great Britain as lawn tennis, Hewitt and Williams sisters are the first peopled played it there after the association was later formed in Britain.

In the 1970s squash was brought to Nigeria and was specifically known as squash in the sense that difference between the two games is obvious. The development of squash it became the basis for the formulation of some related association which helps to organize squash in the country. Some of these organizations include Nigeria Squash Federation (NSF), Nigeria Squash Professional Association (NSPAN) and Chamberlain Squash Open (CSO).


  • To assist the Nigeria Squash Federation in her efforts to develop Squash in Nigeria.
  • To establish centers of excellence that will focus mainly on promoting Squash development with the country.
  • To begin a talent-hunt and catch-them-young and development programme within the country
  • To create and improve squash awareness among students, parents, government, philanthropists and all Nigerians


  • To encourage well trained coaches to assist in training activities at the state aid national
  • To set out a network and reach out to squash players and lovers to denote in cash and kind towards the development of squash.
  • To develop a working partnership with the state government for promoting and developing squash in the state, with the view to promoting many players into the international squash ranking.


Ebimoun Okorobia, Harold Whyte, Victory Luck, Peace Orukari, Dunni Okikiola, Victory Tontonye, Pedro Jeremiah. Who have make the state proud by winning medals for the state.

Since the creation of the state in 1996 Squash is one of the sports participating for the state in any National Championship and his among the state sports who had made the state proud.

  • At the Abuja 2004 National Sports Festival, Ebimoun Okorobia won a Bronze Medal.
  • 2020 National Sports Festival Edo, Peace Orukari and Dunnii Okikiola won team Bronze medal.
  • Nigeria Navy games Lagos 2022, Victory Tontonye won gold medal, Pedro Jeremiah won silver medal.
  • 1st Aina Egbeta National Squash Championship Port Harcourt 2022, Victory Tontonye won Silver medal.


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