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A Brief about Kickboxing

Kickboxing: Is one of the most popular combat sports around the world-kickboxing as the name Implies derived the name from boxing because it involves punching, kicking and other striking techniques. Like every other sports, kickboxing can be practiced for the recreational, self-defence and competition purposes. A little insight as per rules is that it’s mainly allows punching with boxing gloves, kicks with limited grappling/clinching, competitively kickboxing is done in a boxing ring.

Brief History about Kickboxing

The history of kickboxing in the world dates back to the 1950s’ 70s and 80s. Kickboxing is an Asian Sports by 1993 the Japanese kickboxing organization, K-L was formed or founded with unified rules, by the year 2000 K-L was formed or founded with unified rulers by the year 2000 K-1 became the leading kickboxing organization, so all modern kickboxing promotions adopt rulers developed during the K-1 golden era.


  • BETTER FITNESS: if you want to get fit and strong? Kickboxing is ideal because kickboxing is a full body workout that is both cardio and muscular intensive
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Kickboxing workout last 1-2 hours and may burn up to 1,000 calories each session
  • SELF-DEFENSE: it will make you learn combat skills because it is all around fighting style that has both long range and short range striking techniques
  • IT BUILDS CONFIDENCE: when you get fitter and looks better, seeing improvements as you train, your self-confidence naturally improves. Additionally, knowing that you are able to protect yourself with self-defense styles.

our aim

  • The Aim of Bayelsa State Kickboxing Association is to be number one (1) in Nigeria once kickboxing is mentioned, for now, we are in the top 3. Edo, Delta and Bayelsa.


The early beginnings of kickboxing in Bayelsa State cannot be mentioned without the likes of Late Mr. Victor Bassey Nkadam that started secondary school kickboxing seminar/workshop. Resources persons like Arrow Zuokemi. Students from government schools in Yenagoa came for the seminar. In 2003 with the students attended championship in civic center Port Harcourt


In 2004 Victor Bassey as Kickboxing Federation President organized Niger Delta Open Kickboxing Championship in Yenagoa, where 18 states were in attendants. In this championship the likes of Kingdom Tariah represented Bayelsa and won Gold in the 72kg LK and the likes of Smart Nkade represented Lagos State a Bayelsan and won a Gold.

In 2005 The federation organized the 2nd Niger Delta Open Kickboxing Championship in Uyo Akwa Ibom State. Bayelsa State lead by Kingdom Tariah won 9 Gold medals. In 2006 The National Sports Festival (Non Medal scoring) with 9 athletes won 4 Golds

In 2007 Attended National Open Championship in Abuja for all African Games trial at the Abuja National Stadium. The likes of Tamarakuro Tuburu, Nkade Smart, Ibso Erekosima all qualified.

Also, in the 2007 National Open Championship in Kaduna State stadium Bayelsa won 7 Gold and 3 Silver. The likes of Mary Jackson and Righteous Freeman all won Gold

In 2009 National Sports Festival Kada games was when kickboxing became a scoring medal sport in the national sports festival. Bayelsa State won 3 Gold medals and 1 silver, the winners were:

  • Efezino Apkotu
  • Loveth Ekufu
  • Friday Idrisu (Silver)

In Eko 2012 kickboxing medals where cancelled because of crisis and disruption of the game in the festival.

National Sports Festival Abuja 2018, Bayelsa Won 1 gold, 4 silver and ten bronze medals. Mary Jackson won gold in the 48kg Low kick.

In Edo 2020 National Sports Festival Bayelsa State won 4 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze. The likes of Bright Green, Jeremiah Akpan, Alaire Japheth, Ebere Nwachukwu all won Gold.

During the Delta (Asaba 2022) National Sports Festival, the Bayelsa State Kickboxing Association was ranked 3rd by The Kickboxing Federation behind Delta and Edo State with 6 Gold, Six Silver and 4 bronze medals with the likes of Jeremiah Akpan, Ebere Nwachukwu, Daniel Alexander, Alice Ikor, Olakunle Oyewole, Chinaza Nwachukwu all won Gold


Engr. Gospel Obolo
Current Chairman
Evans Imbiakpa
Kingdom Tariah
Head Coach
Smart NkadeAssistant Head Coach

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