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History of Draught Game

Draughts, an ancient game with origins traced to Egypt, was initially known as Aiquerque or Quirkat. Historical evidence suggests that Alquerque boards and game pieces have been uncovered in archaeological excavations dating as far back as 600 BCE. Carvings depicting the game have been found on temple walls that stretch back in time to around 1400 BCE. The term “Draughts” itself was introduced by a Spanish individual named Romanio, signifying an action of “draw” or “move” in the game.

When Draught started in Bayelsa State?

The inception of the Bayelsa State Draught Association occurred in 2017, initiated by Mr. Doubra Otuku, the reigning champion of Nigeria in draughts. His significant achievement came when he triumphed in an international draughts competition held in Benin City, Edo State. Subsequently, he assumed the role of interim chairman and was entrusted with the responsibility of establishing an executive body within his home state. His dedication and expertise led to his formal appointment as Head Coach in the year 2019. While the association had existed before his coaching appointment, it had not been officially recognized. The official establishment of Mr. Doubra Otuku as Head Coach took place on April 11, 2019, marking a significant step forward for the Bayelsa State Draught Association.

Goals and objectives of Draught

  • To prepare Young minds in their decision making process. To train and groom players that will not only be No1 in Nigeria but the world at large.

About The Bayelsa Draught Executive

The inaugural chairman and executive of the Draught Association was Otuku Doubra, who holds the prestigious title of National Draught Champion. Otuku Doubra also served as the pioneering chairman of the Bayelsa State Draught Association.

Subsequently, Chief S. A. Charles Paul assumed the position of Chairman in the association’s current leadership. Other key members of the current executive team include Mr. Lambert as Vice Chairman, Ambawei Betekorogha as Secretary, Canada as Treasurer, Stephen Isaac Perebokefe as Public Relations Officer (PRO), and Macdonald Okiti as Welfare Officer.

This team collectively constitutes the present leadership of the Draught Association.

competitions attended

Since assuming the role of Head Coach of the Draught Association in 2019, the team has actively participated in and triumphed in seven different competitions. Notably, all of these competitions resulted in victories for the association. Among these events, three were generously sponsored by Pastor Charles Osazuwa, each offering a substantial cash prize of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N150,000) per competition. Furthermore, two of these successful competitions took place in Ozubulu, Anambra State, with sponsorship from (Tony), while the remaining two competitions occurred in Abuja under the support of Kdraught TV. The association’s remarkable performance in these competitions underscores its dedication and prowess in the realm of draughts.

Draught Association Current Execo

  • Mr Otuku Doubra as Head Coach
  •  Daniel Tukuru as Secretary

Some Draught Videos

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